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Why SinePulse Drone is the best


Mechanical simplicity and design flexibility makes our Drones simple and easy to use.


The lightweight of SinePulse Drones made them portable anywhere.


A capable payload lifter that’s functional in strong wind conditions gives the Drones strength and sustainability.


Redundant lift sources has given increased margin of safety to our Drones.


Fully automatic, including takeoff, flight plan execution and auto landing.


Vertical takeoff and landing - can take off and land pretty much anywhere.


Camera mount with automatic pitch and roll compensation for flexible camera angle.

Simple but Precise! Strong but Safe!!

Looking for a drone with GPS, extended battery life, props, frames and parts ? Then you are at the right place! Our team of highly skilled builders and fliers know the best about multirotor platforms. Of course we advise you to make the right choice. We are glad to help you to professionally build, test fly and set up your platform. The Drones we provide come in both self build and ready to fly variants. Our offers cover the demands from those who fly simply for a hobby to professionals who need high end aerial photo/video platforms. That’s not the end – you can plan & control your flight so easily that you’ve never imagined before and make maps. You can even make 3D models of your desired area just with a few clicks! 
Thus you’re in expert hands – Welcome to the world of SinePulse Drones!

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What you get

Maps and 3D

Maps and 3D

The SinePulse Drone is a revolution in the field of mapping as well as 3D modeling. Through the precise management of the camera triggering and control of pace, direction and position of the sensor, the SinePulse Drone can map an area by reinterpreting the traditional photography . 3D models and orthophotos of the highest quality can also be created.

Flight planning & control

Flight planning & control

Programming and mission operations can be done through an elegant and well-developed software interface. Rather than just pre-planned missions or manually flying the Drone, operators can just click on a map and say “go here now”. The entire package is designed to be easily approachable for the novice, while remaining open-ended for custom applications, education, and research use.



We will provide your desired drones with all the necessary development tools. There are four categories' to choose from - Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter & Diesel Engine Copter. You can make your own flight control system or route planning to make the drone do your required job. You can also make any other applications as per your requirements using our drones.

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