Technically seen there is nothing between you and first-class photo and videography – take spectacular shots in almost all areas. The SinePulse Drones makes it possible to take quiet and steady videos with the special camera mount with automatic pitch and roll compensation. Whether for movies or pictures of landscapes, concerts, sport-shootings or huge objects – the SinePulse Drones creates unique images. Our Drones flies safely over land and water. Especially for the inspection of industrial plants an SinePulse Octocopter is worth buying for. You even reach areas which are difficult to access, e.g. high-voltage pylons. With your thermal imaging camera with our Drone you can identify corrosion or other traces of wear directly. Our Drones also can be used to perform geophysical surveys through which knowledge of the underlying rock structure helps trained geophysicists to predict the location of mineral deposits. Moreover aerial surveillance of large areas is made possible with our low cost Drones

Why will you use our drones?

  • Simplified Design : Multicopters do not require mechanical linkages to vary the rotor blade pitch angle as they spin which makes the design simple.
  • Easy Maintenance : Our copters’ constructions are suitable for ease of maintenance.
  • Less Kinetic Energy During Flight : This is due to the use of the four rotors which allows each individual rotor to have a smaller diameter than the equivalent helicopter rotor.
  • Safer for Close Interaction : Our copters have frames that enclose the rotors permitting flights through more challenging environments.
  • Autonomous Flight :  Our Quadcopters and other Multicopters also have the ability of autonomous flight.
  • Size & Portability : Despite being the most powerful and stable multicopters, the size and portability of the SinePulse copters allows you to quickly transport, fly, and capture amazing aerial videos and photos almost anywhere.
  • Environment Adjust-ability : As our copters are so manoeuvrable they could be useful in all kinds of situations and environments.
  • Suitable for Aerial Imagery : Capturing aerial imagery with a quadcopter is as simple as programming GPS coordinates and hitting the go button.
  • An Eye in the Sky : Using on-board cameras, users have the option of being streamed live to the ground. Many companies have used this for real estate photography to industrial systems inspection.
  • Longer Flight Duration : Depending on various models and applications our drones can fly up to 45 minutes in a single flight.
  • Complete Support : To provide the full support to our customer as quickly as possible is of highest priority to us.
  • Ease of Control :  Our copters are designed to be controllable with by smartphones or tablet devices.

What are the applications?

  • Inspection of high voltage power lines.
  • Inspection of wind turbines.
  • Inspection of photovoltaic systems.
  • Inspection of bridge facilities.
  • Inspection of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Inspection of train paths.
  • Thermal analysis with thermal imaging camera.
  • Detection of hot spots of solar power plants.
  • To make 2D/3D map of any specific area.
  • To make film clips of advertising and sports.
  • To have views of hazards and disasters like fire/natural disasters, mass meetings, traffic jams etc.

What are the different types of drones we offer?

  • The SinePulse Drones makes it possible to take quiet and steady videos with the special camera mount with automatic pitch and roll compensation.
  • Quick medical supply can be send using drone. It is faster, cost effective and environmental friendly. It can also be used for postal services to send documents and packages quickly.