Our proprietary flight control, at the core of all our products, is the result of years of research and development. The artificial intelligence incorporated in the SinePulse Flight Controller continuously analyzes data from the Inertial Measurement Unit and the onboard GPS and takes care of all aspects of the flight mission. SinePulse Flight Controller lets you prepare, plan, control and operate the trajectory of the copters both before and during flight. It is also capable of controlling and coordinating multiple drones simultaneously. You can make some test flights run and control using our developed module here. Upon satisfaction after using SinePulse Flight Controller you can order our software here for your drones’ flight planning and control.

Steps of flight panning & control

Step-1: Preparation

In the preparation phase the requirements are defined. Parameters such as altitude, airspeed, overlap and the distance between the trigger position can be scheduled by our planning software in no time.

Step-2: Flight Planning

Now the flight plan is created to capture the data. The flight planning is done by using our software. Flight direction, resolution, amount, route and stereo overlap are entered and shown in the Software. The flight plan will be created and stored using the mouse.

Step-3: Control Points

We recommend to set a checkpoint per hectare to achieve a high accuracy of the georeferencing. The reference points are set manually before the flight. This is only necessary if the survey’s transformation into a system (Cartesian coordinate system) is desired.

Step-4: Flight Operations

Once the schedule has been fed to the SinePulse Flight Controller, the data acquisition is performed 100% automatically. In reference to the surface normal flight recordings are done at a 90 degree angle to create straight down.

Step-5: Image Geotagging

The Geobox syncs the camera and the GPS system of the drone and stores the trigger point, the current GPS coordinates directly into the ​​data of the photo. This allows processing of geo-referenced data in various GIS systems.Finally the output is ready to create a map of the travelled area or a 3D model if required.

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