SinePulse Map is a professional photogrammetry software that runs on your desktop computer or laptop and processes aerial imagery into 2D maps and 3D models with centimetre accuracy with just a couple of clicks. To enhance results, SinePulse 3D includes tools for editing and brightness control. Before launching full processing, Postflight SinePulse 3D allows quick check of image overlap and calculate a rough orthomosaic at 25% of original image resolution while in the field. Such quick maps are perfect as background for precise flight planning in SinePulse Flight Controller. Users can use this service from anywhere and anytime by logging in to our server. Users need to send the video file over internet and order his/her desired service. Then our server will process the data using SinePulse 3D and will deliver the 2D map or 3D model output to the user as per his/her requirements.

Mapping Software

After the completion of the previous steps in the flight planning and control, geo-referenced images were created which are then used by the SinePulse 3D software to create an image-based 3D model and build the texture for the orthophoto or the 3D model. An expensive camera calibration is not required. The software used provides the ability to perform a supplementary calibration using the investigating camera parameters to the workflow.


After synchronization of the camera and the GPS system of the drone, the current GPS coordinates are directly embedded into the data of the photo. This allows processing of geo-referenced data in various GIS systems. Finally the output is ready to create a map of the travelled area or a 3D model if required.

Accuracy & Stability

SinePulse Drones has a 3 axis gyroscope and built in barometer in the main controller and is very accurate at holding altitude which is very useful. There is also additional features like GPS hold which works dynamically so soon as you have locked into height you wish to fly at and the Drone does not detect stick input and is in position it will hold until further radio input to move away .